Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in women


Know about the Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in women

When your body is lacking the important vitamins or minerals, it starts showing off through various problems in the body. The same is with the lack of vitamin D and the deficiency symptoms are more prominent in women than in men. Now, let us first know about the reasons behind the vitamin D deficiency symptoms in women.

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in women – The reasons

It has been seen that women who are mostly vegetarian are in the high risk zone of vitamin D deficiency . This is because the foods that are rich in vitamin D are mostly animal products including egg yolks and salmon. Improper intake of vitamin D will lead to lowering of vitamin D levels in the blood and hence, you have an overall low level of vitamin D in the body.

It has also been seen that dark skinned women are in the risk level of low vitamin D because of the high level content of melanin in the skin, which prevents the intake of vitamin D in the skin. Again, if you are too concern about your skin getting burnt in the sun and you are using too much protection against it, then you are actually placing yourself in the risk level of vitamin D deficiency . The reason being, sun plays an active role in vitamin D formation in human body.

Now that you know about the reasons for the deficiency of vitamin D in your body, you must also know about the symptoms that are quite prominent in women.

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in women

Most of the common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in women include bone pain, weakness and fractures. Besides, some other symptoms of vitamin deficiencies are constant fatigue, sudden depression, mood swings, weakness as well as loss of concentration. Also, sleep disorders and irregularities can also be a result of vitamin D deficiency. With all these problems, your immune system is surely going to be affected.

Researches have shown that women in the later stage of age with vitamin D deficiency, can face extremely low level of energy. Besides, back pain, neurological problems and brittle bones can also be a result of lower level of vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in pregnant women

Pregnant women with vitamin D deficiency can face severe problems, both in their bodies and also in the fetus developing inside the body. Various researches have come to the conclusion that vitamin D deficiency may also increase the danger for women getting cesarean births with problems like genital contamination, pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes. Besides, the developing fetus may also have delicate bones, skeletal deformation as well as rickets.

But, the most common symptoms in pregnant women are mood swings, depression as well as acute pain.

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in women if not treated on time may result in serious dangers like ovarian or breast tumors. It can also increase the chance of a woman dying of cardiac illness. Women in menopausal state with deficiency of vitamin D can face higher risks of weak bones because of the loss of estrogen that affects the bone cells.

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